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Sunday, October 17, 2004
Are the COSTS of funerals making you mad??

The funeral directors have the staff, product and knowledge to take care of the dead body. They have upped the price of a funeral and for that convience of doing everything connected with handling a funeral - making it one of the largest purchases in a life time.

However, people are really seeing red about the costs, especially if they have 2 or three deaths in the space of a few years. They haven't paid off the first one yet!! What to do?? WEll, the smartest will research the subject, will plan ahead, even down to what they wish done, will do when a death happens.
1) Have in place details - what kind of casket do you wish? Made out of what material, color, and what price range? A Team Master's accepts pre planning or pre payments (put in Trotten account at your local bank.)What kind of grave liner or burial vault do you wish? Headstone? Get prices from us and pre plan it all - what cemetery do you wish to use? See our funeral savings shopping chart at.....
2) Are you a member of a church, or do you have access to any nice large building for a 'funeral' or memorial? The public might not be aware, there are many ways to save on that cost the morticiation charges. See how a family can do the complete funeral without a funeral director altogether. One of several ways
------- if you wish to do the details yourself www.burialitems.com/resources.html DIY funeral arragements - ALL or just part of the funeral arrangements.

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